Weddings are the most memorable event in people’s lives. This celebration is a life long moment that will last forever with photos, video messages, and remembrance of the moment. The Photobooth will do just that. When the Bride and Groom our busy during their precious moment, they don’t know exactly what their guest are thinking and doing, our photobooth will give them the opportunity to go back and see all the fun and memorable times, as well as, messages your loved ones have left you.

Graduations are the symbol of accomplishments and/or excellence. A celebration with our Photobooth will bring fun photos of the people who have supported the host throughout their time of stress and hard work of accomplishing the finish line. Memorable photos will stay with the host forever and they will feel the happiness of everyone enjoying in the celebration with them!

Sports Events can be an awesome time for our Photobooth. We can take individual pictures of your players, team photos, winners’ photos, or any other photos you would like. Our green screen capability can put a background of your choice, so if your team is in a certain tournament or league the background will be just that. Players love their photos taken, at any event. Keep us in mind for any sport, tournament, league, or banquet. Our professional photos are printed there on the spot. No waiting!

Corporate Events (Meetings or Picnics) bring fellow employees together for future endeavors. Having our Photobooth there will bring the fun into an everyday workload that employees go through. Work is just that “WORK” our photobooth will talk their minds off of WORK and bring them to a relax state and feel happy. Happiness and fun bring people together. Taking fun photos with each other will bring everyone together in a fun positive way, with the remembrance of the event always with them in a picture. 



Our main focus is to make sure “YOU”, the customer, are happy with all of our services, from start to finish. We cover any Event, Party, or Function. Most of our Events are from Weddings and Graduations (as with all Photobooth Companies), but we cater to ANY AND ALL EVENTS. We also have some discounted prices for Fundraisers, Benefits, and School Events. Here are some of our Main Events:



We also cover Kids Birthday Parties, Mile-Stone (40, 50, 60) Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, Holiday Parties, Family Reunions, Concerts, Bar Functions, Private Parties, YOU WANT A POTOBOOTH AT YOUR PARTY OR EVENT - GIVE US A CALL



School Funtions