We provide any kind of Service you would like in the Photobooth World

Complete Photobooth Set Up and Tear Down

Regular Phototbooth - Are easy to use touch screen booth offers: 

- Unlimited Sessions with the 6' x 6' Photobooth, group sessions welcomed!

- Unlimited Full Color Studio Quality Prints, 2" x 6" Strips, each person gets a copy!

- Includes our festive "Hats & Props" bin to enhance the photo taking experience and create a fun atmosphere!

- Custom "Logo" on each print to include your name, event date, and personal design!

- All photos will be transferred onto a flash drive for you to keep for FREE!!! (will receive that night at the end of your event)

- Photos uploaded to a free online photo gallery for guests to view after the event! (http://lifetimememories.smugmug.com/)

- Premium Scrapbook, with copy of all the photos, decorated by your guest at the event!




Green Screen Booth

Video Booth

Open Air Booth

Upgrade to 4" x 6" Prints





These are Single Pictures taken and sold separately in a special event (Fundraiser, Sports Event, Concert, Etc.). A great example of this is a Golf Outing - taking pictures of every team, Little League Baseball - taking a picture of each player, or a Fundraiser - taking a picture of everyone that comes and percent of the proceeds goes to the benefit.

* Our services are not set in stone for our Package Deals. You the client can explain to use what you would like and we will explain what we can offer you. Some people really dont know what all a Photobooth can do, thats where we come in, to explain to you, the features and options you have. Of course you can purchase everything we have to offer for a certain price, but then again, for the client that is on a certain budget, we can offer you certain features for your event that you will be very happy with. What we are saying is that we can cater to everyone's needs. Our onsite service will always be the best no matter what package, features, or booth you rent from us.