Pricing is the first thing most people ask when wanting our service as a Photobooth Company (as with many businesses). We always want the customer to know exactly what they are getting for a price, before just quoting something out for them. Just like many businesses, there are many different features or situations that come with a price. In the Photobooth business a standard price is hard to give a client when not knowing exactly what He or She wants. We have different upgrades that clients might want after we explain what they all do. We strive to give our client low prices for great service.


Want An Example Of Prices?

The going rate of renting a Photobooth with unlimited printing in our area is around $1000 to $1200 (depending on what exactly you would want). Well I’m here to tell you that this package you would get for that price from a competitor, we would give it to you for $895 plus 100% customer care.

-         We give Unlimited Printouts (Ex. 5 people in a picture/ 5 people will get a photo strip)

-         We give Boarder Colors and Custom Logos on each print out Custom Strips

-         We give Free Scrapbook (depending on the package)

-         We have an attendant running the booth for questions 100% of the time

-         We provide Free props for everyone to use Props 


What we are saying is Please check out what you are getting for the price before making a decision on whom to use. After talking with us, we are sure you will be satisfied with the pricing and service we provide.




Do we give deals to Certain Events? SURE WE DO

Can you Add certain features and drop other ones? SURE YOU CAN

Can we negotiate a price that is in your price range? SURE WE CAN

Do Schools and Fundraisers get a Discount? SURE THEY DO

What we are saying is “This is not a get rich business for us”. We provide the best service we can, by not charging you outrages prices for great service. We’ve owned multiple successful businesses and know what Customer Service really means. Obviously we don’t want to work for pennies, but we feel very confident about the prices we quote clients.




Photobooth Ala Cart

DJ & Photobooth Package Deal

Lifetime Memories PHOTOBOOTH 

3 Hours w/ prints = $500

3 Hours no prints = $400


4 Hours w/prints = $600

4 Hours no prints = $500

Customize your prints, Boarder, and Backround (Green Screen Available)


5 Hours w/prints = $700

5 Hours no prints = $600


6 Hours w/prints = $800

6 Hours no prints = $700


Scrapbook = $75

Flashdrive = $25

4x6 Prints = $50


ALL Services Come With

  • Set Up & Tear Down

  • Attendant The Entire Time

  • All The Fun Props

  • All photos will go to a Online Gallery to be Downloaded for FREE

dj.photobooth combo.JPG